Sherwin Shooting Sports

Range: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring in my friends to shoot… they aren’t 21, but I am.
A: You must be 21 to shoot a handgun on your own; exceptions are made only if you are accompanied by a parent/guardian, who is at least 21 years of age. These decisions are always made at the discretion of the range officer on duty. Don't hesitate to ask.

Q: If I don’t use my entire box of ammunition, can I sell it back to you?
A: Unfortunately no, all purchases of ammunition are final. You need to either shoot them on the range or take them home.

Q: How do I get there?
A: Go to our page titled about us. There you will find a map with directions. You can even print out a copy of the map.

Q: Can you give me the price of a gun?
A: We generally do not provide prices over the phone due to the wide variety of firearms with related model numbers: Comparing "apples to apples" is difficult. If we can provide you with a price, please realize we cannot provide you the price for every gun in our store or ones that are available. That would take too much time and there is nothing better than seeing the guns in person. We invite you to see and experience our guns first hand. Shopping for a gun is not an “over the phone” experience. If you have done your research and know exactly what you want then we will be more than happy to give you our best price.

Q: How many people can shoot on one range stall?
A: Up to TWO people maximum per lane. In some instances, the range officer on duty will limit this number to two.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Our range operates on a first come first serve basis.

Q: How long can I shoot on the range for the $18/$14 fee? Is that by the hour?
A: You are welcome to shoot until you are finished. We do not charge by the hour. Our rates are flat so you can take your time and not watch the clock.

Q: How much will you give me for my gun that I want to sell ?
A: If you are looking to sell your firearm, you need to bring it in with you so that we can give you a custom appraisal. We do not provide prices (or even estimates) for purchases over the phone.

Q: What is the largest caliber weapon I can shoot on your range?
A: 7.62x39 is currently the largest caliber allowed for rifles. You can shoot handguns up to .454 Casull.

Q: Is there additional parking?
A: Yes, on E. 332nd Street facing north and also across the street in the shopping plaza parking lot.

Q: Can I bring my child up there to shoot with me.
A: Yes you may. You will need to share a lane depending on the situation. We reserve the right to make case by case decisions.

33140 Vine St., Eastlake, Ohio 44095    tel. 440-942-8636